QBracelet | Polished Gold
QBracelet | Polished Gold
QBracelet | Polished Gold
QBracelet | Polished Gold
QBracelet | Polished Gold

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QBracelet | Polished Gold

Colour: Polished Gold 

Take charge: the QBracelet merges technology with modern style to offer this sleek, lightweight bracelet that can charge your iPhone – mitigating your on-the-go anxiety. Holding its charge for 30 days, your bracelet will charge your iPhone up to 50%* in 40 minutes, it works like a dream.

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Founded in 2013, Q Designs is a contemporary luxury goods brand based in New York City. With a deep appreciation for fashion and design, their team felt compelled to create a 21st century company that embraces technology and innovation at its core. Their company’s unique approach to design enables them to craft beautiful products using traditional processes while seamlessly integrating technology when appropriate.


Q is a deeply creative place, one that fosters and encourages creativity, curiosity, boldness, and self-expression. They look at the pieces they design like art and feel that the finished item is the physical expression of creativity and imagination. They have an unwavering belief that all their designs should be carefully crafted to the highest standards and hope that, through their products, are helping create a better more beautiful and expressive world.


As a team of fash-tech lovers, we truly believe that the QBracelet is the way of the future. And seriously, who hasn’t been caught out with a case of flat-phone anxiety?


"I travel a lot for conferences …and one thing I can never have enough of is chargers...The idea of having one that I can wear and that pairs perfectly with any outfit makes life easier for me and my staff."
Under 30 Holiday Gift Guide - Forbes - November 14, 2016

"Q Designs bracelet is snappy jewellery and an iPhone charger in one. It's prefect for those moments you really need a bit of juice at the end of an evening"
21 gorgeous holiday gifts for your tech-savvy girlfriends - TechCrunch - November 23, 2016

"We've all been aware of wearable tech for a while now, but let's face it, there's never been anything we'd actually considered wearing, until now."
The QBracelet - and other fashionable tech you'll actually want to wear - Cosmopolitan - August 28, 2014

"One of the most beautiful spawn born from the union of fashion and technology is probably the wearable charging device."
Phone-Charging Bracelets Are Now A Thing — What's Next?- Refinery29 - August 25, 2014


Pull the Qbracelet open at the clasp & plug the lighting connector into the device. Open your bracelet to display the charging status and current battery life of your QBracelet. No buttons needed! The built in 1,000mAh battery delivers up to 50% extra charge, depending on your iPhone model. Perfect for that subway commute!

- Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Recharging via USB port to computer system /USB power adapter.
- Available with Apple Lightning Connector
- Battery Capacity: 1,000mAh
- Discharge Rate: 1A
- The QBracelet can charge a smartphone: approx. 50%*
- Time to charge smartphone: approx. 40-55 minutes*
- Time to charge the QBracelet: approx. 120 minutes
- Splash-proof only
- Each bracelets comes with Micro-USB cable for recharge, instruction manual and booklet

*Testing based on iPhone 5. Results vary depending on phone model and usage.
The QBracelet is currently only available for the Apple iPhones. The built-in Lightning Connector will charge Apple iPhones 5, 5s, 5c, 5se, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, and 7+. A Micro-USB version for Androids may be released in the future.

Small: Inner circumference: 6.42 in (163mm) / Width: 0.72 in (18.4mm) / Depth: 0.31 inches (8mm) / Weight: 2.46 ounces (80 grams)
Medium: Inner circumference: 7.12 in (182mm) / Width: 0.72 in (18.4mm) / Depth: 0.31 inches (8mm) / Weight: 2.46 ounces (95 grams)