The Top 5 LadyBoss Podcasts To Tune Into

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Podcasting. As vintage as it sounds it's making a comeback in a BIG way. We've collated some of our favourite podcasts that focus on the theme of vulnerability. We've got something for everyone with everything from philosophical discussions on the power of being vulnerable to witty reasons why it's ok to have a good cry every now and then. 


Brené Brown explores the following:  

Being Boss 

  • How to cultivate courage when facing rejection and failure
  • Tools in rising strong and resiliency
  • Blending your creative life with your other life
  • The “messy second act” or messy middle
  • Shame vs. Guilt
  • How perfectionism plagues creativity
  • Dealing with praise as a creative
  • How to keep the mojo going for creative work that may or may not make it into the world

The Rookie Podcast  

This week on the Rookie Podcast, Tavi interviews writer George Saunders. Their long chat covers writing, navigating rejection, George’s new book Lincoln in the Bardo, and tons of insight and advice on being an artist and, most important, a person. Also! Rookie contributor Anne T. Donahue teaches us a crucial life skill: How to say no to whatever you don’t want to do—in a nice way, of course. 

'In order to become a functioning human, I had to learn how to cry.'

Girlboss Radio 

Whitney Cummings is a comedian, writer, producer and now—the author of a memoir called I'm Fine...And Other Lies, which was released October 3. If you want to hear an honest, LOL-filled chat about success and failure, listen to the above right now.

'Vulnerability is power'

Lewis Howes 

Enough said really. Lewis Howes digests the idea of vulnerability – really opening up ourselves to share our inner thoughts, dreams, struggles, and desires –he believes this is what creates powerful relationships, businesses, movements, and breakthroughs.

'Openness to suffering might, in fact, hold the key to a better life'

ABC Radio National 

Joe Gelonesi dives into the philosophy of our susceptibilities.


Hilarity is ensured within these conversations, but it's the powerful offering of raw and vulnerable discussions that will show you how the power of revealing your weaknesses can, in fact, make you stronger. These conversations with ladies and gents around the globe humanise us all, with the added bonus of offering us a well-needed giggle. 


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